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Tech4 Blue Sandblast PVD Tech4 Blue Sandblast PVD

Tech4 Blue Sandblast PVD

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Take hold of Cross Tech4, and your writing options instantly multiply. Its patented twist action is the height of user-friendly design, allowing you to cycle easily through a choice of ballpoints in three colors and a pencil. When you’re multi-tasking and switching gears, Tech4 switches right along with you. The modern performance features also include a hidden eraser and a color-coded indicator that reveals which writing tip is in use. Presented in the sophisticated silhouette of an iconic Cross pen, Tech4 is a modern essential for the everyday multi-tasker.

  • 4-in-1 design: 3 ballpoint tips (black, blue and red) and 1 pencil tip inside
  • Patented twist-action mechanism permits continuous cycling though the writing tips
  • Hidden eraser propels from the cap when the pencil is engaged
  • Round indicator below the clip reveals which writing tip is in use
  • Luxury gift box
About the Finish
  • Modern, textured dark blue PVD finish with machine-turned, diamond-pattern engravings
  • Dark Blue sandblasted PVD appointments
About the Tip
  • Selecting each tip is quick and easy with the patented twist mechanism
  • Specially formulated Cross ink flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience
  • Includes 1 Black Medium Ballpoint Refill (#8518-4) in pen, 1 Blue Medium Ballpoint Refill (#8518-6) in pen, 1 Red Medium Ballpoint Refill (#8518-5) in pen, 3 .7mm Pencil Leads (#8742) and 1 Pencil Eraser (#8753)

2.92 cm


14.30 cm


32 gr


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